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"Thanks for providing such a simple and affordable way to get powerful contracts customized for the client's needs. Having practiced in a large firm, I would expect to spend between five and eight thousand dollars to get the same quality of documents you are offering at a fraction of the price. Contract Authority obviously knows what an investor would need in a contract and what clauses are going to be the most helpful. The contracts were rock solid and completing them was a breeze. This is such a great resource and I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to invest in or move real estate."

- Brad Palmer, Attorney

"In today's market, my clients need more than just the traditional financing route to buy and sell their homes. Lease options and owner-financing have been a great way to do that and have opened doors for buyers and sellers that they didn't even know existed. I needed a place to get reliable and affordable contracts for these kinds of deals and found that with Contract Authority. The contracts are very insightful on identifying potential issues or problems and solving them ahead of time. I also like that the contracts can be customized to meet the buyer’s needs or the seller’s needs. This is certainly much more affordable and convenient than hiring a real estate attorney to draft customized documents for each of my transactions. The people I have dealt with at Contract Authority have been knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy, and I would recommend you to anyone wanting to buy or sell property!"

- Rob Becker, Real Estate Broker and Multi-Million Dollar Producer

"Contract Authority fills a huge need. People get into the real estate investment business and don’t know where to turn for the kinds of contracts and documents they need without spending hundreds or thousands on attorneys. By having a resource such as you provide, they can go through and choose, like a smorgasbord, the contracts that will be applicable to what they’re doing and what they want to achieve — its amazing! I am thoroughly impressed with the product Contract Authority is providing. It's simple, straightforward and provides great legal protection."

- Jeff Ferm, Mortgage Broker/Branch Manager/Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist/Investor

"Our young and growing family had completely outgrown our small two-bedroom home. The market in our area is very slow and we were worried that we were stuck in our home because it would take too long to sell. You guys helped us find a realistic solution. We sold our home on lease option and have purchased a larger home that we love. Given our situation and what we wanted to accomplish and not knowing how to accomplish it, we are so excited because we have learned so much and seriously, it has opened doors for our financial progression and the things we want to accomplish with our real estate. We are excited about how much we have learned and we think it is just a great tool to have. ContractAuthority.com rocks!"

- Hal & Megan Snow, Clients/New Investors