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Lease Package for Landords


Rental Lease Agreement

This packet includes the following documents:

  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Rental Application
  • Guarantor Agreement
  • Lead-Paint Brochure
  • Lead-Paint Disclosure Form
  • Move-In/Move-Out Checklist

LEASE: A contractual agreement which defines the relationship between a landlord (lessor) and tenant (lessee). The lease spells out all of the terms involved in the agreement including the length of time the lessee may use the property and the amount and due date of payments.

When you purchase the Lease Package you will receive each of the following, all of which will be stored on-line by ContractAuthority for you to create and revise as many times as you like for one year.

Residential Lease Agreement

A good contract can help you win in court. A great contract can keep you out of court. Our Lease is a powerful tool in managing your investment property. It has been developed by tough litigation attorneys and professional real estate investors, who have both extensively studied and personally lived the challenges and issues that can arise in a landlord/tenant relationship. By utilizing years of professional experience from all sides of the transaction, our Lease is designed to anticipate potential challenges and provide the Landlord with the ammunition needed to effectively meet and address them.

Rental Application

Don’t underestimate the necessity of a thorough rental application. Once a tenant falls behind in rent or damages your property, the only remedy you have is to begin eviction proceedings and sue in court for damages. Even if you win, collecting on a judgment is often difficult. The best way to avoid costly tenants is to effectively screen them. Our Rental Application has been developed by experienced landlords and attorneys to provide the information and verification you need to make informed decisions about who to accept as your tenant, as well as information you will need to enforce any judgment you may receive in the event of a default.

Guarantor Agreement

If there is any indication that a tenant may not be able to meet the rent obligations in the future, the landlord may require someone else, such as a parent, to guarantee the rent payments. This is similar to a lender getting someone to “co-sign” on a loan. The effect of the Guarantor Agreement is that the guarantor is legally responsible to make all payments under the Lease if they are unmet by the Tenant.

Lead Paint Disclosure and Brochure

Housing built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint. Lead from paint, paint chips, and dust can pose health hazards if not managed properly. Lead exposure is especially harmful to young children and pregnant women. Before renting pre-1978 housing, landlords must disclose the presence of known lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the dwelling. Tenants must also receive a federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention. With each package you will received the required forms necessary to fulfill this obligation.

Other state-required disclosures

Some states require disclosures in addition to the Lead Paint Disclosure. With any Lease Package, you will receive additional disclosures necessary under your state’s law.

Move-In / Move-Out Checklist

Even if not required by law, conducting a move-in, move-out inspection with your tenant present is a good idea. This document will help resolve disputes relating to the condition of the property should one arise and help to justify the retention of some or all of the security deposit upon vacancy. The move-in inspection should be conducted before the tenant moves in, and the move-out could be conducted at or very near the time of vacancy. If the move-out inspection is conducted before the tenant leaves, you may give them the option of fixing needed repairs identified or cleaning required items to reduce the amount of the security deposit you keep.

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