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Exclusive Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Contract Wizard. Just fill out a simple questionnaire and this powerful tool instantly generates your fully customized, state-specific contract that is ready to print and sign.

Truly Customizable. We don't say that our contracts are "customizable" simply because you can enter a different name or address on each contract. We offer subtantive choices within contracts that allow you to approach a deal in many different ways, depending on your strategy. For example, if you want to buy a property on lease option, our lease option wizard permits you to identify the method you will finance the property when you close, whether it's subject to existing financing, traditional financing or owner financing, and then it will take you step by step through the additional information you need to include based on your selection. There are many different ways to get a deal done, and our contracts permit you to customize the substantive provisions of the contracts to utilize whichever creative technique you choose.

State Specific - And the Education to Go with It. The law varies significantly from state to state. With each question you answer to create your contract, our system will alert you to your state’s unique law. This powerful tool educates you like no other site does and helps to ensure that your documents are state compliant. Our contracts are constantly updated to include change to existing law.

Protects YOUR Interests. A one-size-fits-all contract is designed to be used by either side in a transaction and will not protect your interests. With Contract Authority, you select buyer-side, seller-side, landlord-side or tenant-side contracts so you know your interests are protected.

Stored On-line and Fully Editable. Once you generate your contract, it is stored on-line in your personal and secure account. Add, change or delete provisions any time from anywhere.

Additional Documents. In many states, additional documents or disclosures are required by law. In addition to the necessary contracts, we identify and provide other required disclosures.

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